Quality Assurance

The main motive of our company is to provide premium quality products to finish level standard to maintain the quality at all time with special emphasis on the different types of products.

Like Traditional, Hydroponics etc, our products are tested at various levels like growing media, growing season, variety, harvesting, nutrients and preservation, etc. The final product is subjected to strict quality tests under vigilance of our quality controllers.

Manufacturer and trading of choice for high quality enhancers, all derived from the best quality raw materials, tested and proven to supply optimal quality and quantity of all products. At MDGSA Resource all chemicals products are subjected to strict quality control, all production batches are pooled and periodically analysed for heavy metal residues, including Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), Arsenic (As) and other metal ions deemed a risk for human health.

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