Who We Are
The group MDGSA Resource was founded by late Mr. Heinrichs Fahribach in 2005 with his two other family friends, Ms. Debbie Kristina Mumsen and Mr. Dennis Allen to provide high quality organic food and develop products that would improve the lives of consumers and the environment. Aware of the importance of food to our health, we work every day to ensure the best taste and maximum welfare of our customers. Our products are produce, packed with the best and highly certified plants that include FDA, HACCP, HALAL, G.A.P, SQF, ISO, FSSC and BO-BIO-126 NON EU ORGANIC FARMING.

All product ingredients come from organic farming and undergo an exhaustive selection process. In the preparation of organic foods, the use of chemical and synthetic substances (insecticides, pesticides, and herbicide) is not allowed and certification ensures the use of natural and organic techniques only, free of GMOs, preservatives, dyes and hydrogenated fats. All products supplied, from the seed, grains, vegetables, nuts, dairy, and others are certified by an officially recognized inspection body.

Purchase of MDGSA Resource
In January 2009 the group MDGSA Resource purchased seven farms land in different parts of Africa region, Madagascar, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Malawi, Zambia, with a chemical product site establish in South Africa. With this commercial operation the group MDGSA Resource has positioned itself as one of the leading distributors and exporter of real products in Africa, Europe and South America and in major commercial centres in South-East Asia and the Middle East.

All products of the brand MDGSA Resource are fairly traded, exported and certified. They are made with organic and Non GMO, a variety found only in the areas around the Southern Africa and other parts of the world. By social-investment program, Cares, strives to make a positive difference in the lives of people and communities worldwide through targeted grants that aim to promote sustainable agriculture, strengthen education, assist our global colleagues in times of need and ensure the health of inland waterways that are vital to economies and trade flows.

Export and R&D
The group MDGSA Resource, along with it local and international partners, have developed a business strategy based on two pillars. On the one hand, to convert the products into a global brand trough exports growth. On the other, the commitment to research and development of new products.

Contacts us
No 1 Lords View Industrial Park,
Allandale Road, Midrand 1619,
Gauteng Province

Tel: +27 (0)110 260 359
Fax: +27 (0) 867 630 558

Email: info@mdgza.co.za

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