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MDGSA Resource purpose – the reason we exist – is to serve vital needs for food commodities, chemical and energy. Our values of respect, responsibility, integrity and resourcefulness inspire us to fulfill our purpose responsibly and sustainably.

So two years ago, Our Company set a goal of achieving, by 2020, 15 percent reductions on a per-unit-of-production basis in energy, emissions, water and waste. Most of these reductions are from baseline levels established in 2010; in the case of water, our baseline dates to 2009, and we are working to reach our 15 percent target by 2018.

Since November 2011, when our last Corporate Responsibility report was published, our company has made significant progress toward these targets. And the ongoing implementation of our global Environmental Management Information System will give us the ability to more regularly track and report progress in the future.

Developing alternatives to food commodities and chemicals
In addition, we have:

  • Replaced our environmental mission and principles statement with a formal environmental policy;
  • Continued to enhance the integrity of our agro commodities and chemicals supply chains with programs that encourage sustainable agricultural practices;
  • Brought the total value of our company cares giving to $46 million since 2009. This includes our contributions to sustainable agriculture, education, environmental programs, hunger relief, disaster relief and social services around the world;
  • Improved our companywide safety performance from 2010 to 2012 by reducing recordable-incident and lost-workday incident rates.

This report provides an overview of these and other recent corporate responsibility accomplishments and milestones. As always, we invite readers to share their thoughts, comments and suggestions at corporateresponsibility@mdgsa.co.za

Crawford Fahribach
Chairman and CEO

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